When it comes to LCD computer monitors, bigger isn't always better. Often, you don't get any extra pixels. Not so with Hazro's HZ27WA.

At 27 inches, it's much bigger than your average HD screen. Crucially, however, it also packs a lot more pixels.

For the record, you get 2560 x 1440 of the little multicoloured blighters, making for a grand total of 3.7 million. That's nearly double the 2.1 million of a standard 1080p HD monitor.

But that's not all. Hazro hasn't skimped on the panel technology, fitting essentially the same in-plane switching (IPS) LCD panel to this display as found in pricier screens such as the Dell Ultrasharp U2711 and the Apple 27-inch Cinema Display.

The only slight snag is that Hazro's own HZ27WC is actually £100 cheaper.

But then the HZ27WC does without the HZ27WA's on-screen controls and image processing technology, not to mention the much wider range of video inputs, including DVI, HDMI and VGA.