Hazro HZ27WA review

A generously sized and specced LCD computer screen packing plenty of pixel power

Hazro HZ27WA
27 inches full of clever pixels

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We've seen 2560 x 1440 pixel 27-inch IPS monitors before, most notably Dell's Ultrasharp U2711, and come away impressed.

If anything, the Hazro HZ27WA is even better.

Partly, that's because the Hazro sports an LED backlight, which makes for cleaner whites and even richer colours.

What we can't entirely explain is the superior black levels and the relative absence of the one image quality issue that tends to spoil IPS monitors, known as the "IPS glow". In simple terms, this is unwanted light bleeding through the panel that's visible from certain angles when dark tones are rendered.

The HZ27WA and its cheaper but very similar sibling, the Hazro HZ27WC, suffer very little IPS glow.

Elsewhere, the HZ27WA has all the upsides you expect from an IPS screen, including excellent colour accuracy and impeccable viewing angles. One thing it also offers that the cheaper HZ27WC fails to deliver is a wide range of connectivity.

Along with a dual-link DVI port, you get HDMI, a pair of VGA sockets and component video support. Hazro has even bunged in a pair of tolerably voluminous speakers.

If all that sounds great, there are a couple of major problems. The first is the tilt-only stand. It's cheap, bendy and not befitting of a £500 monitor.

But the real bummer is the plastic screen cover.

We imagine it's meant to mimic the fancy glass covers found in Apple iMacs. In practice, it's a gimmick that does little other than introduce lots of unwanted and distracting reflections.

We liked

If the cheaper Hazro HZ27WC is a little short on features, this HZ27WA model ticks all the boxes.

Along with the gorgeous 27-inch IPS panel and massive 2560 x 1440 native resolution, there's an LED backlight and plenty of connectivity options.

In so many ways, it's all the monitor you'll ever need.

We disliked

This monitor may have a fabulous panel. But Hazro has stuck it behind a silly plastic cover to no benefit at all.

Consequently, what you mostly see - when the screen is displaying a dark image, at any rate - is your own ugly mug. At the very least, we'd like to see an optional model that has the screen cover removed. If we're being really picky, we'd also prefer a full 16:10 aspect ratio and a few more vertical pixels.

Take off the screen cover and beef up and stand and Hazro will have itself a winner

Final word

Take off the screen cover and beef up and stand and Hazro will have itself a real winner with the HZ27WA.


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