Surely the OnePlus 5 isn’t dropping the headphone jack, too?

Headphone jacks are hot gossip in the smartphone world these days, and the latest handset caught in the ‘will it, won’t it’ crossfire is the OnePlus 5 – with the firm’s co-founder adding fuel to an already murky fire.

Carl Pei, the outspoken co-founder of Chinese smartphone startup OnePlus, responded to a fan on Twitter yesterday who was inquiring about the whereabouts of the headphone jack on the OnePlus 5, by saying ‘why did the headphone jack cross the road?’

The general consensus is Pei is referring to the shifting of location of the jack, moving it from the base of the handset – as it was on the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T – to the top edge of the OnePlus 5. 

It’s less likely that he was hinting at the complete removal of the popular port from the OnePlus 5, although Pei then retweeted a GSMArena article reporting that the jack was here to stay, with “Looks I gotta be more careful with my tweets...”

Double meaning?

This second tweet could be read one of two ways. First up, it could be Pei admitting he gave too much away about his firm’s upcoming device with his previous post – which if so, means the headphone jack is indeed here to stay on the OnePlus 5.

However, the tweet could also be read that Pei is saying reporters have misunderstood his initial cryptic tweet, and the headphone jack may be getting dropped after all.

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