Samsung's new watch phone arrives

And it's apparently half the price of LG's effort

Samsung's watch phone, which we first saw at the start of the year, is heading for sale in France later this month.

The 1.76-inch screened touch display will also be able to sync with Microsoft Outlook, so at the very least you'll be able to have a calendar on your wrist, should you not want to look like a loon chatting to your arm.

We're not sure whether it will have the front facing camera like LG's effort, although if it doesn't it would go some way to explaining why it only costs €450 (which is half the alleged cost of LG's effort).

Battle ROYALE!

It seems the two watchphones will battle head to head in (the clearly pivotal wrist-tech market) France this month.

The effort from Samsung will probably have the dual head start of not only being cheaper, but also thinner, at 11.98mm, apparently making it among the thinnest of its type in the world.

Via FN News (translated)


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