Pictures appear of iPod touch - with camera!

iPod Nano gets snapper upgrade too

Those rumours of the iPod touch have taken a turn towards reality after photos of the new devices, complete with cases to protect their new snapper, were leaked.

Photos from show both the iPod touch and the iPod nano picking up the snapper, with the sensor bizarrely placed in the centre for the touch (where it's on the left for the iPhone).

The ipod touch and ipod nano credit cult of mac

We reported recently about Apple buying up gazillions of these sensors, around the levels expected for the iPod ranges mentioned.

Camera never lies

But now we've got the pictures to prove it, and (providing they're real) it seems the media players will now have that little bit more functionality.

Of course, we have no idea what plans Apple has with these photography options, although of course there isn't a flash by the look of the photos (well, if it's ain't good enough for the iPhone...).

We'd love to know when these new versions are coming - but we wouldn't bet against the new functionality raising the price of the devices when they debut.

Via Gizmodo


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