Orange to launch 20 Meg broadband later this year

'Meeting the needs of the 21st century customer'

Orange has told TechRadar that, following successful trials of its 20 Meg broadband, it will launch the service to all customers later this year.

Orange has launched a trial to offer fixed broadband customers speeds of up to 20 Meg before rolling it out to the wider network.

Orange also told us that only 300 people will be part of the initial trial in order to test the infrastructure for problems before the final launch.

Special support

Those involved in the trial will come from customers already receiving Orange broadband, currently receiving 8 Meg broadband speeds.

A support team has been created for the trial and a special microsite too, although if the broadband doesn't work as it's supposed to that site will probably be a little bit useless.

However, the trial will be conducted over traditional copper wire, which makes it harder to achieve the speeds offered by fibre optic connectivity. Virgin Media already offers fibre optic broadband, and BT has announced plans to invest heavily in a country-wide fibre optic network, so the likes of Orange could be offering even faster speeds in the near future.


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