Missed out on the Black Friday Amazon Echo deal? It's discounted again

Get Alexa on the cheap-ish

This year’s Black Friday saw a number of great deals, but perhaps the most exciting was seeing the newly released (well, newly released in the UK at least) Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot get discounted. 

But if you missed out on that deal then don’t fret, because the two items have been discounted once again to £129.99 and £44.99 respectively. 

It’s not quite as good as the Black Friday deal, which saw the two smart speakers drop to £119.99 and £39.99, but if you’ve been meaning to pick either up, it makes sense to do it while this promotion is taking place. 

We’ve been impressed with both devices, which are good for listening to odd bits of music, setting timers, and doling out useless trivia. 

Check out our video below where we spent a week with the Echo Dot to really put it through its paces.