Spain says hasta la vista to English Facebook

Spanish version of Facebook goes live

Facebook has launched a Spanish-language version of its popular social networking site. Until now, international Facebookers have had to use the English version. But the boffins behind the site are busy creating a translation for all the major European languages.

Facebook currently has around 64 million active users, 2.6 million of which are from Spain and Latin America. There are also many users in Germany and France, and consequently Facebook will also be launching French and German translations within the next few weeks.

Spanish Facebook

The actual address of the site is not changing, so there’s no need to log into a local site. Any Facebook user can choose to view the site in Spanish from the settings menu in their accounts. This is also how you’ll be able to change to German or French when those translations are ready.

Facebook’s biggest competitor, MySpace, already serves itself up in all the major European languages.

The United States has the most Facebook users - a total of over 25 million. The UK comes in second with 8 million, while Canada has 7 million.


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