This Black Friday deal is a brilliant buy for car owners

TopScan OBD2 scanner
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We've all experienced it: the drive that doesn't quite feel right, the intermittent light on the dash, the performance that doesn't quite dial in like it's supposed to. Wouldn't it be great if you could investigate your engine, diagnose your drive and find any faults without having to pay a garage to do it? That's what TopScan delivers, and thanks to a big Black Friday deal it's even more affordable.

TopScan is an ultra-compact tool that turns your phone into a diagnostic scanner for your vehicle. It's incredibly easy to use, incredibly powerful and incredibly useful too, and it's as useful for hobbyists and everyday drivers as it is for mechanics and other auto experts.

From engine to airbags

TopScan connects to your car's built-in diagnostic port, the OBD2 port. Its app then decodes the data, enabling you to see exactly what fault codes have been triggered and what's triggering them. 

With TopScan, you get a full system diagnostic and vehicle health report that covers every inch of your car, and it has bi-directional control so you can quickly locate and deal with any issues. There's AutoVIN and AutoScan to automatically and accurately identify vehicles from more than 70 different manufacturers from Europe, Asia and the US, and the app provides full vehicle performance testing and analysis. Its scan covers your entire vehicle from engine to airbags, checking your ABS, ESP, TPMS, immobilizer, gateway, steering and even the radio.

That's not all. TopScan covers 8 key service functions – oil, throttle, EPB, steering, DPF, BMS, airbag and ABS bleeding – as well as a full-system DTC repair guide and one-click I/M readiness for smog status checks and other emissions reports. The DTC repair guide is particularly useful: after reading fault codes, your TopScan can then display their definitions and give you guidance on how to repair them. It knows the codes for all systems including not just the engine and associated system but the dash, aircon and much more. (Compatible with Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat 2010-2014 for now)

TopScan isn't just about solving problems. It can help you achieve peak performance too. Its Vehicle Performance Tests allow you to make accurate measurements of vehicle acceleration, providing results at intervals defined by set speed and fixed distance measurements. You can easily record the elapsed time for a certain distance, and the elapsed time for a vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour(adjustable).

For every car and every owner

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional technician, the TopScan has got you covered. TopScan comes in two versions: Lite and Pro. Lite covers all the diagnostic essentials, while Pro adds extra features – 13 in all – including Injector Coding, Tyre Pressure Reset and Sunroof Initialisation. 

When you buy your TopScan, you get all the OBD2 data you need, free forever. It performs all 10 modes of OBD2 testing, and it supports full functionalities including reading DTCs, clearing DTCs, Live Data, I/M Readiness Monitor Status, View Freeze Frame Data, O2 Sensor Testing, On-board Monitor Testing, Evap Testing, Read Vehicle Information, and DTC Look Up.

It's expandable too. The optional key programming tool works on over 44 different vehicle brands and boasts a variety of functions including Number of Keys, PIN reading, key learning, remote control learning, key deletion and key loss.

Incredible Black Friday value

TopScan is a revolutionary product tested by thousands of drivers, and it's always been superb value for money. And now it's even better value, because TopScan is available for a short time at the lowest price we've ever seen. Instead of the usual $79.99, it's just $59.48 through 26 November

Click here to discover how TopScan can help you get the most from your daily driver and your garage projects too.