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The best US VPN to use in or outside the USA

us vpn

No matter what your reasons are for using a VPN, US VPN locations are the most popular in the world. So whether you're looking to sign up for a VPN in the US, or you want to dial in to a US VPN location from outside the USA, we have got you covered. We've tested all the US VPN options to give you the best US VPN guide.

A VPN is a piece of software that lets your computer appear to be in a completely different country to the one you're actually in. So if you're on holiday and still want to access Hulu or HBO (which are for US users only) then you can use a VPN to bypass those geo-restricted websites. The VPN will virtually relocate you back home and watch as if you're back in the US. Although lots of people will use it to access foreign stations such as BBC iPlayer in the UK, too.

VPNs also mean great privacy and protection online which is ideal for travel when connected to potentially insecure public Wi-Fi at stations, airports and hotels. So getting premium US VPN is a no-brainer. Enhanced security, better speed and top customer service are a few examples that make the best stand out.

So narrowing down the best VPN for when you're in the US (or have headed overseas) can be tough. You're in luck though as we've already done it for you - after literally years of testing these software wonders. Here and the five best US VPN options to download right now.

1. ExpressVPN

Best all-round US VPN for privacy, speed and unblocking

Number of servers: 3000+ | Server locations: 160 | IP addresses: 30,000 | Maximum devices supported: 5

Simple and easy to use interface
Fast and stable connection across 94 countries
24/7 customer support
Enterprise level encryption
Max 5 simultaneous connections

Best US VPN 2019 - Get 3 months free with an annual plan

ExpressVPN is the best US VPN (and, indeed our favorite service overall) because it offers the best of everything from speed and security to ease of use, compatibility and customer service. It's particularly well suited for use in and outside the USA as it has a whopping 3,000 servers spread across 160 locations and 94 countries. So not only do you get high-speed US based server choices (within the top five fastest that we tested, in fact!), with smart selection wizards and 24/7 live chat assistance, but also plenty outside the country too.

ExpressVPN will let you watch Hulu outside the US, BBC iPlayer inside the states and plenty more besides. You're secure too with Bitcoin payment, P2P support, industrial level encryption, a kill switch, DNS protection and a clear no-logging policy. 

The only downside is that while this has clients that work on lots of devices, you can use up to five at once - that's less than some other services on our list will offer you. Never going to need that? Then this is pretty much the perfect VPN.

Get the best US VPN 2019: $6.67 per month (with 3 months FREE)
If you're in the US and want a VPN, we'd recommend not compromising. ExpressVPN tops the lot by a clear distance and isn't even that expensive when you consider that it will give 3 months FREE if you sign up for an annual plan. Fantastic value on a fantastic US VPN.
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2. IPVanish

Top torrenting tech inside and outside the USA

Number of servers: 1,300+ | Server locations: 75 | IP addresses: 40,000+ | Maximum devices supported: 10

Owned and managed servers
Configurable apps
Excellent speeds
No free trial

If you're looking to use torrents while inside and outside the US then IPVanish is ideally suited. This VPN uses a staggering 40,000+ IP addresses spread over more than 70-odd countries all while dishing out unlimited P2P traffic. It'll also work across ten devices at once so you're able to download, stream, upload, listen, watch, and anything else across your devices. You can take advantage of that thanks to lot of client compatibility across phones, laptops, tablets, Windows, Mac and even Fire TV.

IPVanish works well in real-world use with excellent speeds for streaming the likes of Netflix and BBC iPlayer as well as for downloading torrents across all the servers. The lack of free trial and no kill switches on mobiles may affect some, but otherwise this is a solid VPN.

3. NordVPN

Superb security at its best

Number of servers: 5400 | Server locations: 60+ | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: 6

Excellent speeds
6 connections at a time
Double encryption
Some servers are flakey

You've probably heard of NordVPN - the company does a lot of VPN advertising in the US and around the world.

It takes security to another level by doubling the encryption to a 2048-bit setup and adding two kill switches plus DNS leak protection, then letting you pay for it all anonymously using Bitcoin or PayPal. For USA and outside use this is ideal as it offers a DNS-like SmartPlay system which is made specifically for getting around geo restricted content, so you can watch anything, from anywhere, wherever you are.

The relatively newly added live chat support is excellent, should you find issues. But generally the software is easy to use with decent compatibility so you can get on via smartphone, tablet, laptop and more.

This all sounds perfect, so why isn't it number one? Some server connections were flakey at times over long distances and the user experience isn't as good as ExpressVPN's.

Hotspot Shield

4. Hotspot Shield

Speedy online browsing privacy-focused US VPN

Number of servers: 2,500+ | Server locations: 70+ | IP addresses: N/A | Maximum devices supported: 5

Decent pricing
Good speeds
Simple to use
Limited app access
Can't unblock BBC iPlayer

Hotspot Shield has a totally unique Catapult Hydra protocol which it developed as a way to enhance download speeds – and it really works, this VPN is rapid. That works across long distances too making this a great US VPN to use when overseas. It works on the likes of iOS, Android, Windows and Mac also making it great for mobile devices. Those lickety split speeds are really consistent as well.

This VPN will unblock Netflix so you can still access US content when away A9lthough it couldn't seem to work for BBC iPlayer). The software of the client is simple to use and just works, fast, making this great for beginners and seasoned VPN aficionados alike. P2P support runs across servers making this torrent-friendly too, although there is some logging so be warned. Support could be better but with no bandwidth limit and some stunning speeds you'll likely never even notice that.


5. StrongVPN

Simple is sometimes all you need with a VPN in the US

Number of servers: 650+ | Server locations: 26 | IP addresses: ?? | Maximum devices supported: 12

Great connection speeds
Clear no logging policy
Money-back guarante
Few features

Strong VPN is a service that offers the basics well without too many extras to complicate things. The clients span iOS, Android, Mac and Windows while protocol support is plentiful with L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec and IKEv2 all in use. Plus you get the company's own DNS secure system and zero logging to make you super safe on the privacy front. All that sound complicated after we just said it was simple? Fret not it all happens in the background to make the experience good and if it's not then you have 24/7 customer support for assistance. 

Connection times are fast with StrongVPN and you even get desktop notifications of protection so you feel secure. While the Windows app could be better the client experience is good overall with the inclusion of a kill switch in case you need it.

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