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Shufflesome iPod Skin review

Customise your shuffle with these funky stickers

We thought the selection and aesthetics were tasteful and vibrant

Our Verdict

A funky range of decent shuffle covers


  • Pleasing selection of designs
  • Good quality
  • Easily applied


  • For most the Shuffle looks better as it is

Ah, the lonely shuffle.

It doesn't get anywhere near the same sales as the other iPods, and has relatively few peripherals and accessories.

Vibrant designs

One band of plucky graphic designers trying to redress the balance is Shufflesome, which has created a great range of many different sticker designs to paste onto them.

Applying the stickers requires a steady hand and careful eye, but they're all good quality and don't tear. We stuck one Japanese-looking set on ours; the key areas of brushed metal were covered nicely and no controls were obscured.

You'll know better than us if the designs appeal; we thought the selection and aesthetics were tasteful and vibrant.

Sure, the stickers won't delight everyone - after all, the iPods look perfectly formed when naked - but for those looking for a custom design and scratch protection, then these Shufflesome stickers are worth looking at.