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Automax Skip Doctor review

Repair disc scratches and scrapes

This gadget looks like it belongs in an Innovations catalogue

Our Verdict

An innovative, but power-hungry, device for restoring discs


  • Achieves good results


  • Requires a lot of power

We've all suffered from discs that have become scratched or that have been burnished over time. While this gadget looks like it belongs in an Innovations catalogue, it's an ingenious device for repairing said scratches.

Simply spray the supplied lacquer and then place it into the revolving drum, which then repairs the protective side of the disk. Finally, dry the disk off with the cloth and you'll find it's fixed.

The only downside is the amount of power it needs to run. You'll need to use six AA batteries, which is a little excessive. There's a mains socket, but the unit is supplied without a powerpack, so you'll need to invest in one. If your discs are in need of repair, you can save them with this unit, which depending on the value of the information stored, at £40 (inc. VAT), could well be a small price to pay?