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Samsung to reveal 'radical brand makeover' at CES 2013?

Samsung to reveal 'radical brand makeover' at CES 2013?
New look Samsung coming at CES?

Samsung is rumored to be preparing an entirely new brand image at CES 2013 in January.

According to a report from Australia's Channel News, Samsung is looking for a "complete new look" that will rival Apple's iconic and "vibrant" international brand image.

The Aussies have word that Samsung has enlisted the help of a design team that has previously worked with Nike on a host of branding initiatives.

The man said to be heading up the project is Scott Bedbury, a freelance brand consultant who has also worked with Starbucks.

Global powerhouse

According to the report, any change would seek to reflect Samsung's success in moving from an Asian brand to the global powerhouse seen today.

"Even the advertising will change with products linked to lifestyle activities similar to what Nike does," said a Channel News source.

Whether the report has merit or not remains to be seen but CES, hosted in the entertainment capital of the world, would be a great time to wow a crowd.

TechRadar will be front and center at CES, ready to bring any news of a Samsung redesign straight to readers.

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