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Panasonic takes stab at wireless chargers

Panasonic Lumix
Panasonic hopes to charge portable devices without plugging them in

Over the years, we've probably seen more failed attempts to market wire-free gadget chargers than we've had hot pot noodles, so it's with a cautious eye that we view news of yet another stab at the technology.

This time, however, the electromagnetic induction charger comes from Panasonic Electric Works, so there's at least a slim possibility of it making it to the shops one day.

Light weight

Speaking of slim, the unnamed charging coil is just 1mm thick, so it should be a relatively easy sell to device makers looking to keep the bulk down. Typically, wireless chargers are intended for phones, MP3 players and other portable devices where weight matters.

The Panasonic subsidiary says it hopes to get the device and its accompanying base station that connects to the mains into stores in the first half of next year. We won't hold our breath.