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Why go for the iPhone 11 when Samsung Galaxy S10 deals are this cheap?

Samsung phone deals
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Like good and evil or Coke and Pepsi, Apple and Android have been battling it out for years and with Apple's latest launch - the iPhone 11 - the battle continues. The only problem can Apple compete when Samsung Galaxy S10 deals are just so good right now?

Yes we know, for all the Apple fans out there we're suggesting for you to perform the ultimate sin and switch sides. But thanks to a collection of offers from Three, it is hard to say no.

Offering 100GB of data across the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e, starting at £28 a month, these offers will have you seriously questioning your allegiance.

Don't get us wrong, from what we've seen from Apple so far, the iPhone 11 and its two bigger brothers are incredible! But, the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree and these iPhones are still looking like last years iPhones - a little bit too pricey.

We've listed Three's collection of  big data Samsung Galaxy S10 deals so you can choose the one for you. Or if you're dedicated to iOS and all it brings, have a look at our iPhone 11 deals guide to see how much you can expect to pay for pre-orders.

Samsung Galaxy S10e deals

Samsung Galaxy S10e | Three | £29 upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £28pm
Coming in at £28 a month, this is a truly exceptional price for 100GB of data. Consult our Samsung Galaxy S10e deals guide and you'll realise nothing comes quite close to this. With that 100GB of data, you'll be able to stream, scroll and tweet all day every day.
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Samsung Galaxy S10 deals

Samsung Galaxy S10 | Three | £29 upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £35pm
Stepping up in price, Three's 100GB of data offer on the Samsung Galaxy S10 is just as impressive as the option above. You're paying an increased £35 a month which still tops the market for this phone, especially with all of that data.
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deals

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus | Three | £49 upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £39pm
Finally, go all out with the S10 Plus. This phone currently ranks as our number 1 best phone on the market and is the perfect competition to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, just a good amount cheaper. You're only having to pay £39 a month to secure that 100GB of data on this phone.View Deal

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What is Samsung's Galaxy S10 range like?

Samsung Galaxy S10e:
This might be the smallest and weakest of the three phones but it still packs a massive punch. There's an impressive 3100mAh battery on-board, 8GB ram and a 5.8-inch full HD+ infinity screen.

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Samsung Galaxy S10:
The middle ground of these three phones, the S10 combines specs and affordable pricing. The battery jumps up to 3400mAh and the screen increases to 6.1-inches. It's basically the S10e with an added camera and more power.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:
Finally, the big powerhouse of Samsung's S10 range. The S10 Plus jumps all the way up to a whopping 4100mAh battery and puts up the most powerful processor of the three. If you want a phablet phone, the 6.4-inch size of this device will be perfect.

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