These cheap iPhone XR deals are here to tempt you away from the new Samsung S10

iPhone XR deals
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For fans of Samsung, tonight is a very special night. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Android followers will be looking to get their pre-orders booked in straight away (presumably from our dedicated S10 deals guide). But what about the Apple devotees out there? Well we think we might have the perfect solution to those feeling left out and it comes in the form of some brilliant iPhone XR deals.

Whether you're looking to get the most affordable price on big data, own what we believe to be the best XR deal out there or you want to get a little bit more storage for your money, these are the best XR deals available.

You can see these offers in full down below or if you feel like there's another Apple device calling out to you, maybe the cheap SE or the decked out XS Max? Then take a look through our best iPhone deals page for all of your options. 

These brilliant iPhone XR deals in full

iPhone XR from | O2 | £90 upfront (with 10OFF code) | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £38pm
If you're looking to try and get a more affordable price tag on the iPhone XR, this is the deal to go for. With a combination of not too much upfront and a pretty comfortable monthly price, this deal should leave you feeling confident with what you're paying. Especially considering the big 30GB of data chucked in. Total cost over 24 months is £1002
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iPhone XR from Affordable Mobiles | EE | FREE upfront | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £43pm
This EE deal is our current Editor's Pick and it is clear to see why. Nothing to pay upfront, a massive 30GB of data and monthly fees that don't hit too hard. Most importantly, it's on EE - the UK's fastest 4G network. If you don't mind splashing out a bit more on the monthly cost we can't think of any better iPhone XR deal right now. Total cost over 24 months is £1032
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iPhone XR 128GB from Affordable Mobiles | EE | FREE upfront | 50GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £48pm
Feel like you might need more storage with your new XR? or maybe you want more data instead? Whichever feels more important to you, this contract does both. Upping the data to 50GB and pushing the storage all the way up to 128GB, this is a big deal in every kind of way. Grabbing this deal won't hit too hard on price either, costing just £5 a month more than the deal above. Total cost over 24 months is £1152
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