These brilliant Note 9 deals can save you hundreds over a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals

It is easy to forgot that the Galaxy Note 9 only came out six or so months ago. With the rate new phones are launched these days, even the biggest and brightest can be shoved to the back of the room quite quickly. Something that is not so easy to forget however, is just how much more cheaper the Note 9 is over a new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal.

The age of phones seems to work a lot like dog years - six months to a big tech fan can feel like a good couple of years. But, the Galaxy Note 9 is actually still one of the newest releases and definitely one of the best phones in the world right now.

Both devices are the exact same size, have incredibly similar batteries when it comes to capacity and almost identical processors. In fact, the one major feature the S10 Plus does manage to top the Note 9 on is price. Coming in at well over £200 less on average, Note 9 deals really are a far more affordable option.

So if you want to save some money on your new Samsung device, check out our picks for the best Galaxy Note 9 deals - we've highlighted three of our favourites below.

The top Samsung Note 9 deals you can get today

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on EE | £50 upfront | 20GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £38pm
When it comes to Galaxy Note 9 deals, we really can't see them getting better than this. Whether it's the relatively low monthly costs, the massive data plan or the upfront costs that won't break the bank, this is a deal to get excited about. The nearest S10 Plus deal to this has a similar upfront cost but chucks on an extra £15 a month. Total cost over 24 months is £962
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on O2 | FREE upfront | 50GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £46pm
Okay here we go...the big guns! This O2 contract gets you 50GB of data to power through every month. You can get this for just £45 a month after paying £99 upfront. That really is affordable considering the amount of data. If you wanted a similar offer on the S10 Plus it would cost you roughly £240 more overall. Total cost over 24 months is £1,104
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Three | £79 upfront | All-you-can-eat data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £55pm
You might be looking at this deal and thinking to yourself that this isn't exactly affordable, but compared to the S10, it really is. The overall price over two years of this deal is almost £300 cheaper than the equivalent offer on the S10 Plus - that's a massive saving. Total cost over 24 months is £1,399
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