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Score a free Nintendo Switch Lite with the new Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 deals

Samsung phone deals + Nintendo Switch Lite
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Christmas has most definitely past, now an entire decade behind...technically. And while that means there is absolutely no excuse for you to still have a tree in your house, decorations or any Christmas cheer and motivation left in your system, it does not mean you don't deserve a gift.

And if you're contract is coming to an end, leaving you with a phone-shaped hole in your life, there is an easy way for you to land a free gift right now. To be more specific, that gift is a Nintendo Switch Lite.

Even more specificity? Getting this freebie simply requires you to invest in a 'Samsung Galaxy A' device. That can be anything from the popular Galaxy A40 from last year all the way through to the A71 and A51, both still in pre-order after being released just days ago.

We've listed all of the key phone contracts with Nintendo Switch Lites below. But if the freebie is of no interest to you then you can get better prices than this. Check out our guide to the best mobile phone deals to see top prices on all handsets.

These free Nintendo Switch Lite offers in full:

Samsung Galaxy A40 | EE | 16GB data | FREE upfront | £28 a month
The cheapest of these deals, getting a 2019 handset, 16GB of data on EE and a free Switch Lite all for £28 a month is a bit of a steal and despite the price, the Galaxy A40 is a pretty strong device.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy A71 | EE | 45GB data | £9.95 upfront | £41 a month
It's new, so new that it is still in pre-orders. However, the Galaxy A71 brings to the stage some high-end specs including a Full HD+ AMOLED display, one of Samsung's largest batteries available and 4 front cameras.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy A51 | EE | 45GB data | FREE upfront | £36 a month
Just like the option above, the Galaxy A51 is new in 2020 and yet, despite its pretty impressive spec sheet, you can get this phone and the Switch Lite for £36 a month. That also includes 45GB of data on the EE network.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy A70 | EE | 30GB data | £9.95 upfront | £33 a month
Finally, something bang in the middle. The Galaxy A70 is similar to the A71 (would have never guessed) just a lower spec version. But with that small decrease in specs, you're getting a drop in price, making this an excellent value option.View Deal