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New Sony Walkmans include iPlayer-ready A845

Sony A845 - better than a P45
Sony A845 - better than a P45

Sony has added three very different Walkmans to its portable audio range, with the high-end and BBC iPlayer compatible A845, the ultra-portable B150 and the wearable W250.

Headlining is the A845, which boasts the rather nice addition of iPlayer compatibility and is apparently the first to support 720 x 404 pixel downloads.

The A845 is 7.2mm thick and weighs 62g – sporting a 2.8 inch OLED screen that delivers "superb colours, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle and super-fast response time."

W250 and B-series

Next up is the W250 – wearable, water-resistant and obviously made for those who like to listen to music whilst running.

Sony w250 - washable

"Designed for today's active lifestyles, the Walkman NWZ-W250 series is the first wire-free MP3 player from Sony that resists rain splashes or the sweat of a gruelling gym session.

"After exercising, just rinse under the tap – or even continue listening to your Walkman during a refreshing post-workout shower."

Finally, the B series (with added bass) is designed for 'young music lovers' and brings bass boost button 'with flashing red LEDs'

Sony b-series

The teen-friendly headset is compact (for hiding from the teachers we reckon) but, when combined with leaky headphones, will produce enough sound to annoy an entire bus-load of commuters.