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iPod slots into new Boston Acoustics dock

A colourful solution to iPod's frustrated talents is offered by Boston Acoustics in the form of its Horizon i-DS2 dock. Available in a range of colours (pictured), this £150 stereo unit offers 30W RMS of power from its 3.5-inch speakers as well as the option for viewing video and stills from your iPod from its video output. Further connections allow iTunes compatibility from a USB connection while an Aux input gives you extra flexibility for hooking up to mobiles or PMPs.

Lost innocence of audio

Following the more family-friendly design characteristics of the modern speaker – apart from there only being one of these – it's also a pretty compact unit measuring just 140(h) x 324(2w) x 148(d)mm. A remote control lets you handle your iPod from more than arm's length, while the dock automatically recharges the iPod.

The colours run from the standard piano black gloss and gloss white to those imagined over a long Friday liquid lunch, namely Chilli red, Spanish moss, and that old favourite of the ghost of Orson Welles, Rose Bud.