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Canon upgrades standard def cameras too

There will be many more exciting gadgets launched this week, but few that sell as widely (or as well priced, we guess) as Canon's new standard definition camcorders.

Four Flash memory shooters to warm up with. All four have Canon's unique Video Snapshot function to automatically grab short movie clips at the touch of a button.

These clips are the supposedly the perfect size for playing back in sequence, in-camera or uploading to YouTube later on.

They also have a new Pre REC function where, as soon as the record button is pushed, the preceding three seconds of action are also captured. Plus, they have a dedicated Playback button to aid viewing.

Huge lens

All have zooms over 40x (!) and a quick charge function that gives up to one hour's shooting from just a 20 minute charge. From fully charged, they can manage a very healthy 3.5 hours' shooting.

The Legria FS22 has 32GB of memory, the Legria FS21, 16GB, and the Legria FS20, 8GB built in. The Legria FS200 records direct to SD/SDHC cards.

The other two camcorders released today don't have a fancy, schmany new brand name. The DC420 has 45x zoom, the DC410 41x, record video to DVD and stills to an SD card slot.

Prices and pics to follow!