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Canon Legria HF G10 camcorder promises pro tech for the consumer

Pro tech for the consumer in the HF G10
Pro tech for the consumer in the HF G10

Canon has announced its latest flagship camcorder at CES; the Legria HF G10, which kicks off Canon's new G-Series range.

The Legria HF G10 features technology and features taken from Canon's pro-shooting range, complete with a 10-megapixel HD CMOS Pro sensor, which offers improved low-light performance and wide dynamic range.

Offering full manual control, the HF G10 also features an eight-blade iris, 32GB of internal storage, a 3.5-inch touchscreen, and a 30.4mm wide-angle HD video lens, all in a compact casing.

Lots to play with

The built-in microphone on the Legria HF G10 is also quite nifty, adjusting its intake based on the zoom level.

Along with all this top-end hardware, the HF G10 also comes with some software enhancements, including Cinema-Look filters to lend a professional-looking air to your creations, Story Creator mode for budding directors and Touch Decoration, which allows you to embellish your shots without the need for a computer.

Sadly, if you've got a hankering for the HF G10 then you'll have to hang fire; the UK release date has not yet been announced, nor the all-important UK price.