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Samsung Galaxy M Style brings Super AMOLED to the masses

Samsung Galaxy M Style brings Super AMOLED to the cash-strapped masses
M style

Samsung's latest mid-range smartphone, the Galaxy M Style, isn't one to be sniffed at, bringing a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen with it.

Well, you can sniff a bit given that the handset is launching today only in Korea, with no word of when or if it will make its way to the UK's shores.

Let's assume that it will, though, given that it also comes with a 1GHz processor, Bluetooth 3.0, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and a waist-size of only 9.9mm.

M People

Slightly less alluring is the Samsung Galaxy M Style's 3MP camera and lack of flash.

Cross-referencing the name against Samsung's latest naming code, the M-agic handset should come in at the mid-range price point, with silver, black and pink (ugh, pink) colour options.

While the Galaxy M Style doesn't exactly live up to its name (given that it's not all that stylish to our eye), it certainly could be worse - but we're not convinced we'll see it making its way to the UK's shop shelves so don't get your mid-range hopes up.