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MP3-compatible music campaign unveiled

ERA's new logo campaign
ERA's new logo campaign

In a bid to get rid of pesky DRM once and for all, seven major music retailers have put their names behind a new initiative set up by ERA Digital, the online side of the Entertainment Retailer's Association.

ERA Digital has come up with a new MP3-compatible logo that retailers can use to show that the downloads they sell can be played on all Mac and PCs and on pretty much every digital music player.

It will also be a way for consumers to check if the company they are obtaining music from is a legitimate seller.

The companies backing the ERA Digital campaign are (deep breath):,,,,, and

Breakthrough year

Speaking about the initiative, CEO Ben Drury commented: "7digital was the first UK online retailer to offer music from all the major record companies in the MP3 format. Our sales have been booming because consumers love the freedom of MP3."

While ERA Digital Chairman and CEO Russel Coultart said, "2008 has been the breakthrough year for legal MP3 downloads. We now want to take the message out to music fans that they can legally buy downloads which are not locked to specific players or computers or mobile phones."