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No creases on Samsung's latest foldable AMOLED display

Flexi-time: Samsung's foldable display won't crease up
Flexi-time: Samsung's foldable display won't crease up

Samsung has created a new touch AMOLED display that can be folded and manipulated without sullying your view with a crease.

If you want to have a go at making one yourself, all you'll need are two AMOLED panels, silicone rubber, a glass cover and a modular case for it to sit in.

Whack that all together and you should be left with a flexible yet seamless display; at least, you should if you're an incredibly clever Samsung engineer working at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea.

Testing testing, one two

Testing the prototype, Samsung folded it 100,000 (we feel for the poor experience kid that got lumbered with that job), and found that the display's brightness dropped by a barely-visible 6 per cent at the centre where the fold occurred.

The potential for Samsung here is huge; the company has been working on foldable OLED displays for a good few years and reckons that it could be selling tablets or smartphones with a dual-single screen in one to two years' time.

Considering that it's just ten years since we saw the first commercially successful colour mobile phone screen hit the market, this seamless yet flexible AMOLED display sounds pretty darn incredible.

From PhysOrg