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Samsung reveals phone with mystic inner screen

Samsung might be working hard on banging out the identikit mobile phones in a bid to steal market share from Nokia, but a recent folding handset concept shows its design team is still hard at work / on the crazy pills.

Basically it's a side opening clamshell that has a normal phone on the outside, but with a full-screen display on the inside for all your media watching needs.

We've seen phones like this before in the shape of the Polymer Vision Readius, but this is a novel idea that set hearts racing at FPD International in Japan.

Flexible magic

Using a flexible OLED, likely developed by the Samsung SDI division of the Korean giant that has been working hard on churning out better OLED displays, users can take a call on the handset and watch movies etc without having to squint at a teeny screen or hold a whacking great brick to the side of their head.

It's unlikely that we'll be seeing this exact model over in the UK, in fact unless it's slimmed down somewhat then it probably won't be released anyway.

But we know you like looking at crazy and shiny things, so fill your boots with our (slightly grainy) photos of the next generation of mobile phones.