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iPhone 11 early bird deal: pre-register now and claim £30 cashback when you buy

iPhone 11
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It's the 2019 smartphone release we've all been waiting for - the iPhone 11. Samsung has had its 2019 limelight, so has Huawei and now it's Apple's turn. And for those who just can't wait for the phone to launch, there's some good news. Pre-registers for the iPhone 11 are now live and one retailer is offering something quite special.

If you head over to retailer and pre-register your interest in Apple's latest device, the company will give you £30 in cashback. Obviously you do also have to buy the phone when it's released and you won't actually get your cashback until the purchase but with the phone not even announced yet, prices already being cut is an exciting prospect.

And, if you're a devotee of the high-street Carphone Warehouse, you can also pre-register with that retailer, too. Although that means you miss out on the cashback on offer, you could get the benefit of its trade-in savings, wide range of networks and award winning service.

Obviously, Apple has been quite quiet about what the iPhone 11 (or maybe the iPhone XI?) will be like. But, we've been working hard to find out what you can expect from the brand new handset.

Price-wise, it is likely to be around the £999 mark, we're expecting three models, a truly decked out triple camera system and a sleek innovative design. You can head on over to our iPhone 11 news and rumours page to find out exactly what to expect after you've pre-registered your interest.


How to pre-register for the new iPhone 11:

Pre-register for the iPhone 11 and get £30 cashback if you buy

This is a pretty simple offer. All you have to do is head over to and pre-register your interest in the iPhone 11. Then, when the device releases, purchase it from and it will give you £30 in cashback on the device. If you're already planning on buying the phone, that's a pretty simple way to get some money off without a whole lot of work and tends to have really competitive pricing, anyway.
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Why should I pre-register for the iPhone 11?

There's a key point to remember with pre-registers, this doesn't actually mean you have to purchase the phone. So there isn't really any reason not to pre-register!  It just means you'll be sent info on all the best prices when pre-orders go live.

However, there are a few good reasons to go with

  • Cashback: We've said it already but we'll say it again, £30 cashback is up for grabs.
  • Stay in the loop: Register your interest and can keep you in the loop on announcements, release dates, pricing and pre-order deals.
  • Plan ahead: You don't need to buy now but as soon as the phone lands, will keep you informed on what offers are available.