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BBC's global iPlayer app launches in Australia

BBC's global iPlayer app launches in Australia
BBC iPlayer - exported

The BBC has stepped up its effort to make the iPlayer a worldwide hit, announcing the appointment of a new general manager and launching the global iPlayer app in Australia.

Already a massive success with the licence fee players in the UK, the BBC is keen to make the iPlayer a major player on a global level, and is pushing on with its global iPlayer app.

The app launched in Western Europe in July and is now moving into a key English language region in Australia.

Classic and contemporary collide

Jana Bennett, president, worldwide networks and global BBC iPlayer: "This unique Video On Demand product combines the classic with the contemporary and allows subscribers to mine seventy years of brilliant BBC programmes.

"We launched the global BBC iPlayer because we think there's an untapped market for the 'best of British' shows, both for Brits living abroad and for all those people we know have a love of great British television, nowhere more so than Australia."

Another key movement is the appointment of Matthew Littleford to the role of general manager for the global BBC iPlayer.

Littleford joined BBC Worldwide in April 2011 and has now been moved up to the general manager post where he will be responsible for editorial and day-to-day operation, marketing, promotion, product and technology.