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How to get a Nintendo Switch Lite and 2019 Samsung phone deals for just £23 a month

Nintendo Switch Lite deals
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OK, so you need a phone contract and you've been thinking about getting a new Nintendo Switch Lite. You may have noticed that buying both can end up costing you a pretty large chunk of cash. However, with a recent offer from you can combine both of these purchases and pay as little as £23 a month.

Obviously, at a price as low as that, you're not getting the higher-end flagship phones of the world. Instead, both the Samsung Galaxy A10 and A40 are on offer. But despite the low prices, these phones offer many of the premium features we've come to expect from smartphones in 2019.

Battery sizes going up to 3400mAh (over a day of power), infinity displays, dual camera set-ups and even some pretty powerful processors. These are specs we expect from higher price tags and especially wouldn't normally expect a free games console thrown in!

We've listed everything you would need to know about these two offers down below. The A10 for those wanting the cheapest they can get and the Galaxy A40 for something a little more powerful.

While we are likely to see both cheap phones and Nintendo Switch Lite deals when Black Friday rolls around, we can't imagine seeing the two paired together as cheap as this for a while.

These free Nintendo Switch Lite offers in full:

Samsung Galaxy A10 | EE | 4GB data | £65 upfront (with code 10OFF) | £23 a month
Getting a phone contract and a Nintendo Switch Lite for a total cost of just £617 is almost unbelievable! Yes, the A10 isn't going to win any awards for best phone but it certainly leaving us slightly gob-smacked with this pricing.
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Samsung Galaxy A40 | O2 | 12GB data | £15 upfront (with code 10OFF) | £29 a month
As part of Samsung's affordable 'A' range of handsets, the Galaxy A40 combines some impressive specs with affordable pricing. It has a sizeable screen, a premium design and most importantly, comes with the free Switch Lite. But, the increase in specs will mean a pretty significant jump in price compared with the above offer.
View Deal - is it a reliable phone deal retailer?

Not sure if is the right retailer to buy from? Having won Best Online Retailer at the Mobile Choice Awards in 2018, you can rest easy knowing is a safe bet.

With some of the market's best pricing, fast delivery and excellent reviews - you can see how they managed to bag that title.

Are these Samsung phones any good?

Samsung Galaxy A10:
Samsung has released a lot of phones in 2019 and this falls in as one of the cheapest releases this year. And yet, despite its low price tag, the A10 has a number of impressive features. A battery size almost identical to the impressive Note 10 at 3400mAh, a 6.2-inch infinity display and Samsung's budget processor.

Samsung Galaxy A40:
Jumping up in specs, the Samsung Galaxy A40 may be a lot more expensive but it is a much better phone. You're upgrading to a dual-camera setup, getting an AMOLED display and a more powerful processor. Weirdly, the battery is smaller than above at 3100mAh but otherwise you will see a noticeable jump up in features.

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