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Samsung unveils updated Series 9 laptops

Mmm, duralumin-y
Mmm, duralumin-y

Samsung has unveiled two new, lower-priced Series 9 notebooks which bring faster Core i5 processors to the Windows-computing party.

The two Samsung 900X3A models offer "faster" Core i5 CPUs, 4GB memory and are crafted from duralumin, traditionally used to make aircraft and thus lending itself to the light-but-zippy image that Samsung is trying to portray.

The higher-spec 900X3A-B02UK model comes with Windows 7 Premium, a VGA display adaptor for video-out without HDMI as well as a higher price tag.

Good naming, Samsung

Slightly cheaper but less-well equipped is the equally well named 900X3A-B01UK, which comes with Windows 7 Home Premium,

It's no secret that we're fans of the Series 9's looks; we described it as "one of the most arresting designs we've seen since the Dell Adamo XPS" in our official Samsung Series 9 review.

The upgraded notebooks weigh in at 1.3kg; around the same as the new 13-inch MacBook Air.

The two new laptops come with a UK release date of today, with the Samsung 900X3A-B01UK price coming in at £1,099, while the 900X3A-B02UK will set you back £1,249 – that's a £50 drop from the original Series 9 price of £1,299.