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Reuters confirms Second Life exit

Reuters shuts down its Second Life
Reuters shuts down its Second Life

Second Life, the online 3D virtual world, has been snubbed by Reuters, one of the biggest news agencies in the world.

Reuters began its Second Life odyssey back in 2006, when it embedded a journalist into the site, by the name of Adam Reuters (actual name Adam Pasick).

The last report Adam gave was on 30 September, prompting The Register to investigate further. Reuters has confirmed that it has pulled out of Second Life, but will still be covering Second Life related stories, via its "usual tech and media coverage".

Not-so Lively

Reuters disbanding of Second Life comes after Google announced it is to shut down its competitor site to Second Life, Google Lively.

On its blog, Google stated that the reason was: "we want to ensure that we prioritise our resources and focus more on our core search, ads and apps business."

It seems that, for some, the virtual world is starting to lose its computer-generated appeal.