Black Friday broadband deals for 2018: the best new internet plans are already landing

black friday broadband deals 2018 cyber monday

It seems to arrive earlier and earlier every year, but it seems that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 sales season is already upon us. There's still a lot of it to go, but we're already seeing providers bandying around their best broadband deals ahead of time - preying on the kind of folk who don't want to gamble on better prices turning up later on.

You can see which deals are already available below, but from Virgin Media and BT to TalkTalk and Sky (and all the others besides) we'll be trawling all the broadband deals available in the UK to find you the best for what you need over the coming days. You might want the fastest fibre, the best TV channels, a service for rural areas or perhaps you just want the cheapest internet out there. Whatever you need you'll find it at the best price right here when the deals really hot up as November progresses.

Plus we have information on the best time to strike for broadband deals on Black Friday 2018, and some information on last year's best deals to give you an idea the kind of monumental discounts that can land.

When is Black Friday 2018?

The annual sale season is here it seems, but Black Friday itself falls this year on November 23 with Cyber Monday following closely behind on November 26.

Black Friday broadband deals 2018: what can I already get?

Deals...we have deals. They're already turning up. Well, we say 'they' - it's just TalkTalk so far with discounts on its standard and fibre plans.

TalkTalk Fast Broadband | 12 months | 11Mb avg speed | Line rental inc. | FREE upfront | £17 per month
On one hand, we're delighted that TalkTalk has put its head above the parapet and gone first with its Black Friday deals. But on another, we're not that thrilled with the price. In fact, if you check our price comparison below, you'll see it's beaten by several competitors.
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TalkTalk Faster Broadband with Speed Boost | 18 months | 63Mb avg speed | Line rental inc. | FREE upfront | £25 per month
This is a bit more like it. No other major internet provider can beat TalkTalk's tariff on broadband speeds this fast. It's well worth splashing the extra few pounds per month if you have a house full of hungry web users or love to stream 4K TV without interruption.
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What sort of broadband deals should I expect around Black Friday?

Expect lots of deal offerings beyond simple discounts in prices. While of course there will be reduced charges, you'll also find things like free gadgets, free installation, cashback and reward cards (i.e. prepaid credit cards with a £xx limit).

In terms of pure price reductions, we're currently already seeing some excellent prices. Even a quick look at our cheap broadband only deals guide shows that you can pay as little as £13.99 a month. But we have a hunch that at least a couple of providers will try to go even better.

What were the best Black Friday broadband deals last year?

Up until last year, broadband companies hadn't really cottoned on to Black Friday. But it is the sales phenomenon that cannot be ignored, so providers started bringing their A-game in 2017. Lots of them had promotions over November, and here's a sample of some that have stuck in our mind:

BT Unlimited Broadband | 18 months | Up to 17Mb | Weekend calls | £9.99 router delivery | £23.99pm + £50 reward card + Free BT Sport app
We can't remember BT broadband being this cheap, either before last Black Friday or since. And the reduced price was just the start - check out all those freebies as well.

Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38 | 18 months | Up to 38Mb | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £25 £20 per month
This was an incredible discount when it came. Fibre broadband for only £20 per month. Vodafone's standard price these days is £21, so we're hoping we see sub-£20 fibre in 2018.

Virgin VIVID 100 with Full House bundle | 12 months | Up to 100Mb | Line rental inc. | 230+ TV channels inc. BT Sport | £56 £46 per month + 6 months of Netflix
Virgin came up with the goods on an all-singing and danding broadband and TV plan. Loads of channels, BT Sport, Netflix and incredibly fast fibre optic internet.

BT Unlimited Infinity 1 | 18 months | Up to 52Mb | Weekend calls | £9.99 router delivery | £29.99pm + £100 reward card + Free BT Sport app
Only a few quid a more than BT's ADSL package, but with that same array of freebies and super fast speeds. This tariff sold like hot cakes last Black Friday.

Totally Unlimited Origin Broadband | 12 months | Up to 17Mb | Line rental inc. | £139.99 for the year
Not exactly a household name, but Origin's ridiculously cheap internet certainly attracted some attention. You had to pay it all in one go, but the effective monthly cost was £11.66!

 Do I need standard or fibre broadband deals? 

The options these days fall into two main categories for wired internet: ASDL or fibre.

ADSL is a more affordable option that uses phone line cables, meaning it is limited on top-end speed but can be available in more areas. Fibre broadband can reach speeds beyond anything most people even need, meaning pricing options are varied but this can be limited by availability based on location.

So if you can get it and you rely on your internet for faultless, high quality TV streaming then fibre is worth the extra cash. Likewise if there are loads of people in your household who all like using the internet at the same time. If you don't do much more than check your emails and browse the internet, then you can save some cash by going for standard speeds.

What about broadband and TV deals?

Lots of broadband deals go hand in hand with TV providers so it's a great time to get the best rate on both. You'll find providers like Sky, BT, Virgin, EE and NOW will all be climbing over each other to offer you the best package deal. Be sure you know what you want to watch (e.g. sport, films, kids TV, etc) and how much broadband speed you need, then you can pick and choose the best option. 

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