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A couple sitting on the Emma Original memory foam mattress in a bedroom

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How we test mattresses
Our Best Memory Foam Mattress guide is editorially independent – we pick which mattresses to review and which ones appear in our ranking. We test each mattress thoroughly for three weeks; see our mattress methodology for more info.

The best memory foam mattresses will provide you with sink-in, contouring comfort, so you feel cushioned and supported in just about every sleeping position, and they're usually the most cost-effective way of investing in a new mattress.

Most of our best mattress picks feature at least some memory foam, but if you want a bed filled with nothing but foam then here's the place to find all the top options. With a memory foam bed you'll get a body-hugging, pressure relieving feel, without the bounce that comes from sprung mattresses. Memory foam is an excellent option if you suffer from sore joints as it cradles you gently, enabling you to sleep better and for longer.

Most memory foam mattresses are a good choice for side sleepers, because their contouring surfaces help relieve pressure on shoulders and hips; that said there are also some fine firmer options that'll better suit back and stomach sleepers. And memory foam is brilliant at absorbing motion, so they're worth looking into if you're regularly disturbed by a fidgety partner. The downside? Foam has a tendency to trap heat, and some memory foam beds can get hot in the night, but many have temperature-regulating features to minimise the risk of this.

Most memory foam mattresses come vacuum-packed and rolled in a box for convenient delivery, and they're typically some of the cheapest on the market; we've included information on the best prices with all our top picks. Got all that? Let's take a look at the best memory foam mattresses around, for a range of sleep styles and budgets. 

The quick list

In a hurry? Here are the basics on our nine best memory foam mattress picks; if you like what you see you can either head straight to a store page, or click through to our more detailed write-ups.

The best memory foam mattresses in 2024, as chosen by experts

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Ready to find your perfect memory foam mattress? We've listed the leading options below, sorted by the factors you're likely to be looking for. 

Best memory foam mattress overall

The Emma Original mattress on a bed in a bedroom

(Image credit: Emma Sleep)
The best memory foam mattress overall


Firmness (1-10): 5-6
Height: 25cm
Trial: 200 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price bracket: Lower-mid / mid
Buy it if

You want quality on a tight budget: The Emma Original typically fits in the lower-mid price bracket. It's an excellent price for the performance.

You want the memory foam 'hug': If you're after a traditional memory foam feel, Emma delivers, with the softer foam gently cradling the body.

✅ You sleep on your side: Softly supportive and with good pressure relief, the Emma Original is best for those that like to sleep on their side.

Don't buy it if

❌ You tend to sleep hot: Although we were happy with the temperature regulation during testing, it might not be enough for particularly hot sleepers. Consider the Levitex (#2) or the Simbatex (#4).

❌ You like firmer support: The 'hug' of the Emma mattress won't suit every sleeper, especially if you like freedom to move. The Levitex (#2) has a firmer build.

 You want to stretch out on the bed: The perimeter of the Emma mattress can sag, which is bad news if you like to sleep on the edge. The Hypnia (#3) has stronger edges (but does have weak corners).

The Emma Original is our top pick for the best memory foam mattress, simply because it ticks nearly all the boxes: it's an affordable bed-in-a-box that provides plenty of comfort and pressure relief for all sleeping positions.

The Emma Original consists of three layers of foam. It starts with a breathable top layer, followed by a supportive memory foam layer, finished with a base layer of thick foam featuring zoned cutouts to improve spinal alignment. In addition, you have two cover options. The standard one (which we reviewed), is soft, breathable, and removable – so you can take it off when it needs cleaning. If you upgrade to the 'comfort' cover (included on the 'Original Plus' model – the only difference between the two versions), you'll get a more cushioned, plusher cover.

Comfort and performance
The Emma Original delivers some of that 'hug' feel that people expect from memory foam. You won't sink completely into it, but you'll feel embraced by the plush surface. Firmness is subjective, and our testers felt the Emma might be a little too firm for very lightweight bodies, and a little too soft for heavier bodies. For most sleepers, however, the Emma Original is likely to be perfectly comfortable and supportive. We rate this as the best mattress for side sleepers, as the plush foams cradle the sleeper's shoulder and hip in a dreamily comfortable way.

There were a couple of areas in our review where the Emma scored a little lower, and they're both common flaws with all-foam mattresses. First, despite several features geared towards temperature regulation, it can sleep warm. Second, the edges are prone to sloping when pressure is applied, which can make it harder for those with limited mobility to get out of bed. If you struggle with overheating at night and/or need a sturdy edge, consider upgrading to the Emma Luxe Cooling mattress, or trying the Levitex (#2).

Value for money
You'll almost always find either the standard Emma or the Plus version on sale, and discounts alternate between the two. If the one you want is full price, it's worth waiting for the offer to switch. Based on those discounted prices, the Emma Original is consistently one of the best value memory foam mattresses around, blowing most of the competition out of the water when it comes to price vs quality. Note that the brand does have an annoying habit of shifting the RRP, so focus on the final sale price, not the amount of money off. It comes with a 10-year guarantee and a 200-night trial.

Best memory foam mattress for support

Levitex Sleep Posture Mattress

(Image credit: Levitex)
The best memory foam mattress for support


Firmness (1-10): 7.5
Height: 20cm
Trial: 44 nights
Warranty: 5 years
Price bracket: Upper-mid
Buy it if

You have bad posture: The Levitex mattress has been lab-developed and clinically tested to provide a supportive sleep surface that limits aches and encourages good posture.

You need to push against the mattress to get up: Excellent edge support means the mattress doesn't compress much when you push down on it. Ideal if you need that boost to get out of bed in the morning.

✅ You sleep on your back or stomach: The Levitex offers good support for most sleep positions, including back and stomach – slightly unusual, for a memory foam.

Don't buy it if

❌ You want a guarantee of longevity: We recommend replacing a mattress every seven to 10 years, so the five-year guarantee is frustrating. It's also the worst on this list. The Nectar (#5) has a lifetime guarantee.

❌ You like a deep sleep surface: The Levitex is comfortable despite the low build, but if you want something plush, try the Tempur Original (#6).

 You need time to make a decision: The 44-night trial is enough time to familiarise yourself with the mattress, but it's disappointing from a brand of this caliber and price bracket. Both Nectar (#5) and Eve (#8) offer a full year.

The Levitex Sleep Posture Mattress has been created specifically to keep the sleeper's spine perfectly aligned and supported, and while lots of bed brands make these kinds of claims, Lexitex has the clinal testing to back it up. The thinner design looks simple, but the Levitex foam offers a surprisingly luxurious feel and excellent support.

There's a relatively simple build to the Levitex mattress. At the base is 10cm of high resistance foam and at the top is 10cm of clinically tested Levitex foam. This foam has been designed to improve pressure relief, postural management, and proprioception (that's how well you can sense your body positioning). At just 20cm tall, the Levitex is on the thin side, but it feels far more luxurious than it looks.

Levitex is pretty emphatic that this isn't memory foam, it's Levitex foam. But as there's no concrete definition of what a memory foam is, and it's mostly down to how the brand wants to describe it, we think it's fair to include Levitex in this roundup.

Comfort and performance
Levitex claims it took the founders five years to perfect their foam and find the perfect balance of softness and firmness – and our testers thought this was time well spent. This is a really excellent mattress. Our lead tester found it made their body feel light, comfortable, and supported from head to toe. Rated medium-firm (we gave it 8/10), there's little sink, and the foam bounces back quickly when compressed. We recommend it highly for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers. The support really is that good. However, if you want that classic memory foam 'hug', consider the Emma Original (#1) or the Hypnia (#3)

While Levitex might claim it isn't a memory foam, in many ways, it does perform like a memory foam. Our tester found it offered impressive motion isolation as well as body contouring that helped relieve pressure – just what you'd expect from a memory foam. 

Whatever type of foam it is, the Levitex is among the best. The edge support is a real highlight, as the bed stays supportive from the centre to the perimeter. Great if you want to stretch out, and the sturdy feel means you can push on the edges to maneuver out of bed in the morning. The foam is also very breathable, keeping the bed at a neutral temperature even on hot nights.

Value for money
Levitex is in the upper mid-range price bracket, but we found it had a premium feel. Unlike many mattress brands, Levitex rarely runs sales, although you might get lucky on a major sale days. However, for an upper mid-range price, the extras are decidedly budget. Levitex offers just a 44-night trial and only a five year warranty. A 44-night trial is still over the three-week window it can take to adjust to a new sleep setup, but the 5 year warranty is really too short, given that you'd expect your mattress to last 7-10 years.

Best memory foam mattress for couples

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress in a bedroom

(Image credit: Hypnia)
The best memory foam mattress for couples


Firmness (1-10): 5.5
Height: 25cm
Trial: 200 nights
Warranty: 15 years
Price bracket: Mid-range
Buy it if

You share with a very restless sleeper: Every mattress on this list offers decent motion isolation, but we rate the Hypnia best for bed sharers.

You like a sumptuous feel: The 25cm build and softer sleep surface create a cushioned comfort. A luxurious feel at a mid-range price.

✅ You want a balance of support and cushioning: Foam can sometimes go one way or the other – supportive or cushioning. The Hypnia hits a nice middle ground.

Don't buy it if

❌ You sleep on your front: The Hypnia is a good all-rounder, but if you sleep on your stomach, you might want something firmer – try the Levitex (#2) or the Simbatex (#4). 

❌ You use the corners of the mattress: Edge support can be a problem for all-foam beds, and it was noticeably lacking at the corners of the Hypnia. The Levitex (#2) is better.

 You're on a tight budget: The Emma Original (#1) has a similar feel to the Hypnia Supreme and is typically cheaper.

Most of the best memory foam mattresses isolate motion well, but the Hypnia Supreme Memory mattress really stands out in this area. All of our review panel commented on how well this mattress absorbed movements, and combined with a surface that will work for a variety of sleep styles, it's a great choice for couples.

At the top of the Hypnia Supreme is.a layer of graphite-infused cooling foam, designed to draw heat away from the body. Beneath this sits a layer of premium memory foam, followed by a base layer of multi-zoned foam that supports the key pressure points. The quilted AirWave cover is breathable, and removable for easy cleaning.

Comfort and performance
We gave this mattress a 5.5/10 firmness rating, similar to the medium rating given by Hypnia (and comparable to the Emma Original at #1). It feels soft and cushioned, while still providing good pressure relief, particularly for side sleepers. Front and back sleepers may prefer something a little firmer, such as the Levitex (#2). In addition, those with a heavier build might find the mattress too soft.

The highlight of the Hypnia Supreme mattress is the motion isolation. We expect good motion isolation from a memory foam mattress, but the Hypnia Supreme really stood out in this area. Our tester gave the mattress full marks, commenting that their partner could toss and turn without the movement disturbing the rest of the mattress. And while we might expect the sumptuous surface to get warm, our tester had a different experience, finding the bed stayed a neutral temperature overnight. However, be aware that while the edge support is generally fine, it's lacking at the corners.

Value for money
You can go ahead and ignore the Hypnia Supreme RRP. The mattress is never offered at full price, plus the RRP tends to fluctuate with the discount. We've found the mattress typically falls in the mid-range price bracket, which is good value for the quality. The extras are also good: Hypnia offers a 200-night trial and a 15-year guarantee (only the Nectar at #5 offers all-round better extras).

Best memory foam mattress for back sleepers

A product shot of the Simbatex Foam Mattress

(Image credit: Simba Sleep)
The best memory foam mattress for back sleepers


Firmness (1-10): 7.5
Height: 25cm
Trial: 200 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price bracket: Upper-mid / premium
Buy it if

You sleep hot: Simbatex foam uses open cells and a heat-absorbing graphite infusion to keep temperatures even. Regardless of the tech credentials, our testers found the mattress comfortable overnight.

You sleep on your stomach or back: Gentle contouring cradles the hips and shoulders, offering a balance of pressure relief and support for front or back sleepers.

✅ You prioritise sustainability: Memory foam isn't always the most eco-friendly material, but Simba mattresses are 100% recyclable and made in a zero-waste factory. 

Don't buy it if

❌ You sleep on your side: Our side-sleeping testers found the firm build didn't offer the cushioned pressure relief they might expect from a memory foam, unlike the Emma (#1)

❌ You use the edge of the bed to get up: Despite the firmer build, support is weak at the perimeters. If you use the edges to boost yourself out of bed, try the Levitex (#2).

 You have a lighter build: Those with a lighter build might find they sleep on top of the mattress, rather than sinking in. The Hypnia (#3) offers better contouring comfort.

The firmer build of the Simbatex foam mattress makes it our top choice for back sleepers. While the medium-firm surface offers excellent temperature regulation and support, the feel can be divisive, especially if you're after the classic memory foam experience.  

Design and materials
Simba is best known for exceptional hybrid mattresses (you can take a look at our Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review to learn more), but this all-foam model is a great addition to the line-up. The top layer consists of Simba's proprietary graphite-infused Simbatex foam, designed for increased breathability. Beneath this is a layer of supportive response foam, which should help keep the spine aligned throughout the night. Finally, a layer of zoned high-density foam provides structure and stability. The breathable knitted cover is removable.

Comfort and performance
The SImbatex is slightly unusual for a memory foam, leaning towards the higher end of the firmness scale – we rate it 7.5/10, or medium-firm. This is excellent for stomach and back sleepers, especially as the foam provides light body contouring to cradle the hips and back. However, side sleepers might find it too firm and unyielding. The Emma Original (#1) and Hypnia Supreme (#3) are better for side sleepers.

Simba's proprietary Simbatex foam is infused with heat-filtering graphite particles and features an open-cell structure that, according to Simba, provides 30 times more airflow than standard memory foam. While we can't guarantee that number is accurate, the Simbatex is definitely highly breathable for a memory foam mattress. However, despite the medium-firm build, edge control fell short. The Levitex (#2) has better support around the perimeter and a similar feel.

Value for money
One potential sticking point might be price – although it's one of Simba's cheapest models, the Simbatex is more expensive than many of the entries in this list. You can definitely get a memory foam of comparable quality for less. That said, we do rate Simba highly as a brand, so it might be worth the investment, especially for back and stomach sleepers. And Simba does offer semi-regular discounts, so keep an eye on our Simba sales page. You also get a 200-night trial and 10-year guarantee for your money.

Best memory foam mattress for a long trial

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

(Image credit: Nectar Sleep)
The best memory foam mattress for motion isolation


Firmness (1-10): 6-6.5
Height: 25cm
Trial: 365 nights
Warranty: Forever
Price bracket: Mid-range
Buy it if

You like premium extras: Nectar offers a 365-night trial and a forever guarantee. Both excellent extras, and the kind we'd expect to see from a premium brand.

You like a 'cradling' feel: The medium surface offers initial cushioning, with a slight push-back to prevent you from sinking. It's a 'cradle' not a 'hug'.

✅ You want an all-rounder: While the Nectar won't suit everyone, the medium feel surface provides pressure relief for a variety of sleep positions. Great for a shared bed.

Don't buy it if

❌ You have a light build: Our testers with a lighter build found the Nectar too firm. The Emma Original (#1) and Hypnia Supreme (#3) are softer.

❌ You want a 'hug' feel: The Nectar foam foes offer a contouring, cradled sensation, but the initial cushioning doesn't provide the memory foam 'hug' of the Emma (#1)

 You sleep very hot: We found the temperature regulation performed well, but hot sleepers might get sweaty. Consider the Simbatex Foam mattress (#4) instead.

Nectar is a big name in the memory foam mattress world, and with good reason. In our Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review we described this option as a good all-rounder for enjoying better sleep for less. While it won't be for everyone, it's a mattress that should suit a large range of sleepers. 

Design and materials
The Nectar Memory Foam is 25cm deep with three layers of CertiPUR-US certified foam, including a 7-zone base layer for targeted support. On top of the base is a layer of pressure relieving memory foam, and then a layer of dynamic support foam to offer cushioning and contouring where your body needs it. The quilted cover has been designed to draw heat away from the body, for a cooler sleep experience.

Comfort and performance
Nectar ranks the memory foam mattress as a 6.5 on the firmness scale, or medium, and we agree. It delivers a cradling sensation without too much of a sinking feeling, balancing a little push-back with comfortable contouring. Best for back sleepers, average weight side sleepers should also find the mattress offers enough pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. However, those with a lighter build might find the Nectar feels too firm, and might prefer the Emma Original (#2). 

Overall, the Nectar performed well across our testing, without particularly standing out. The motion isolation was good, but we expect this from a memory foam bed. It stays a relatively neutral temperature, but lacks the impressive cooling of the Simbatex (#4). And while the edge support is average, the Levitex (#2) outperforms in this area.

Value for money
For the price, the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is a strong option – especially when you factor in the extras, which are the best of any model in this list. You get a 365-night trial (matched only by the Eve at #9), which means you have a full year to work out if this bed is right for you. And a forever warranty, for complete peace of mind.

Best luxury memory foam mattress

Tempur Original mattress on a bed in a bedroom

(Image credit: Tempur)

6. Tempur Original Mattress

The best luxury memory foam mattress


Firmness (1-10): 6
Height: 21cm, 25cm or 30cm
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price bracket: Premium
Buy it if

You like to sink into your mattress: The unique foam used in Tempur mattresses has a sink-in, contouring feel, wrapping you in a mattress embrace.

You're a restless sleeper: The slow-moving foams absorb movement and can help deliver a more restful night's sleep if you're usually prone to tossing and turning.

✅ You want to choose the height: The Tempur is the only mattress on this list to come in three height options, with the Zinus (#7) offering two.

Don't buy it if

❌ You're on a tight budget: The Tempur Original is a definite luxury buy. While the Hypnia (#3) can't completely recreate the Tempur luxury, it's a plush feel at a lower price.

❌ You want to be able to toss and turn: The slow-moving, foam can make changing position hard. The Levitex (#2) is best for this, but even the Emma (#1) is easier to move around on.

 You and your partner have different sleeping styles: This is certainly a divisive mattress. Some couples might prefer a more neutral feel, like the Nectar (#5).

The Tempur Original offers that deep sink-in 'hug' we associate with a classic memory foam mattress. This cushioned embrace offers a sumptuous feel that can be somewhat divisive – but if you love to sink into your mattress, there's really nothing else quite like the Tempur.

Design and materials
There are three standard layers to the Tempur Original – a top layer of soft Tempur Comfort material, a middle layer of Tempur Support material, and a base layer of stabilizing Durabase technology foam.

The exact configuration and thickness of these layers will depend on the height you choose. There are three to pick between: the 21cm Supreme, the 25cm Elite, and the 30cm Luxe. The Elite and Luxe both come with two layers of Durabase foam plus an upgraded QuickRefesh cover. All Tempur Original covers are removable and machine washable.

Comfort and performance
Tempur was the first company to take the original memory foam developed by NASA and use it to make mattresses, so when you try a Tempur, you'll find it feels quite different to other memory foam beds. The Tempur material softens around your body so it can adapt almost immediately to your position. This deep hug keeps you cradled in place, which can make it hard to move during the night. Perfect for some people, uncomfortable for others. The Hypnia Supreme (#3) also delivers a softer feel, but without that super-sink of the Tempur.

The Tempur Original is best for side sleepers, delivering excellent pressure relief at the shoulder and hips. However, back and stomach sleepers, as well as those with a heavier build, might find they sink too much. In addition, while that close hug can feel comfortable at first, over time, you may find it exacerbates aches and pains.

As you might expect from the embracing foam of the Tempur Original, motion isolation is excellent. You're really held by the mattress, making tossing and turning a struggle, and keeping movement contained. But, perhaps unsurprisingly for such a close foam, reviews indicate that the mattress can get hot in warm weather.

Value for money
The Tempur Original is a premium mattress and sales are rare. But as it has a truly unique feel, it might be worth the cost. However, it's not for everyone, and you might need to make the most of the 100-night trial to determine if it's right for you. There's also a 10-year guarantee.

Best budget memory foam mattress