Samsung’s new 98-inch 8K TV is the projector-beating home theater upgrade I’ve been waiting for

The Samsung QN900C on a red background
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It's less than a month since Samsung's new 98-inch QLED 4K TV launched and now there's a second, even higher spec one: the Samsung QN900C. It's launching first in Korea and then arriving in other markets including the US and Europe, and should be a serious alternative to even the very best projectors at this size. 

According to leaked product information via Display Specifications, it's been given the model number KQ98QNC990 in Korea and features an 8K, 144Hz mini-LED panel with Samsung's Quantum Matrix Pro for finer black and white control and reduced blooming. 

The processor is "based on" the Samsung Neural Quantum Processor 8K and offers Samsung's newest feature, Auto HDR Mastering. There's also 8K upscaling, depth enhancement, Auto Motion Plus and brightness/color detection.

This giant Samsung 8K TV should be great for gaming

Like most of the other best Samsung TVs, the new 98-inch QN900C has Samsung's Gaming Hub and Motion Xcelerator Pro. That delivers 4K at up to 120Hz, rising to 144Hz with compatible PCs. There's also support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro as well as NVIDIA G-Sync like most of the best gaming TVs have.  

What we don't know yet know is the price. The current flagship QN900C is the 85-inch model, which has just taken a price cut, bringing its cost down from $7,999 to $6,999. That suggests that the 98-inch Q900C will be quite a bit more expensive than the other 98-incher, the Q80C, which is currently $6,999 too.

That too has had a price drop – it's down $2,000 from the original retail price – so it looks like it might be wise to hang on if you want this one: Samsung TVs, even the best ones, tend to get really savage price cuts quite early in their lives. The TV market is definitely a place where being first on the block means you'll often pay quite a lot more money for one of the best TVs.

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