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Canon Digital Ixus Wireless review

The camera with built-in wireless

Once you get to grips with the controls, the Ixus Wireless is easy to use

Our Verdict

The addition of wireless can't quite make up for its inadequacies elsewhere


  • Wireless connectivity


  • Camera features inadequate

Just how hard is it to connect a cable and transfer images across a USB connection? Well, it's obviously too much for some people, otherwise why would Canon produce this Wi-Fi-capable Ixus?

Oddly, apart from the wireless link, there's very little in the way of cutting edge design when it comes to the other features on offer. With an entry-level 5-megapixel resolution and a 2-inch LCD screen with only 118k pixels, this camera definitely fits into the lower levels in terms of specification.

However, there's more to life than megapixels and, while the screen may be small, it's perfectly formed with a sharp, clear reproduction of what you are shooting and a good reflection of what you have taken.

What's more, once you get to grips with the controls, it's easy to use. That said, the camera lacks anything in the way of creativity-friendly manual options, and is essentially a point-and-shoot snapper. However, image quality is good, with lotsof detail and good colour reproduction, and a tech-savvy beginner will be very happy with it.

It's a compact unit that slips neatly into the pocket, but you'll be thankful for the supplied memory card, as Canon only supply 16MB with it, which amounts to around 10 shots at a decent resolution.

The wireless connectivity is the key to this camera's success, and it's very impressive. Whether you utilise the supplied USB dongle to send images directly to a printer or partner it with a laptop for instant back-up of your images, things run smoothly and have us convinced that wireless is a worthy addition to all entry level digital cameras.

However, we can't help feel this is a beginner's camera that has had Wi-Fi foisted upon it. While the quality is good, if you don't need wireless there are better cameras with much lower prices attached to them. Shaun Martin