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Panasonic sells out US 3D TV allotment in a week

Panasonic 3D sells out
Panasonic 3D sells out

The arguments over whether 3D TV will finally catch on are far from over, but the signs are good in the US at least where Panasonic has apparently sold out its entire allocation of 3D television bundles.

Despite a price tag of $2899 (£1,897), Panasonic has had no trouble shifting its stock and the bundle of a 3D ready television, a set of 3D glasses and a 3D Blu-ray player has proven to be a big hit.

Hitoshi Otsuki, Senior Managing Director for Panasonic's overseas operations, said, "It's a great opportunity to turn around our TV business."

Thin on the ground

3D content remains thin on the ground, but with major companies investing heavily in the next generation tech that is a diminishing problem.

James Cameron's recent box office smash Avatar is proving 3D films are a huge hit with audiences, and UK broadcaster Sky has been pumping huge amounts of time and money into developing its 3D filming of live events like Premiership football, performing arts and tennis.

In truth, Panasonic's success may well be put down to the relatively limited number of 3D televisions available in the market, but content providers will be pleased to see that there is interest from consumers.