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Samsung just got permission to test its self-driving cars

It appears Apple isn't the only gadget maker eyeing autonomous vehicle, as main rival Samsung just gained approval to test out a self-driving car of its own.

South Korea's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport granted Samsung approval to test out an autonomous vehicle on public roads, according to The Korea Herald.

The vehicle, reportedly a commercial Hyundai car fitted with sensors and cameras, will operate using deep-learning technologies to help improve how it navigates difficult conditions — such as inclement weather — without the need for driver intervention.

Samsung isn't the only company with newly earned permission to test driverless cars in South Korea. Roughly 20 other businesses have been approved by the Ministry since February 2016. Hyundai, another South Korean auto maker, was the first gain permission.

With the likes of Tesla, Google, Nvidia and now Apple testing self-driving cars in California and elsewhere, the race to see who can deliver the best autonomous tech (that's also safe, mind you) is definitely on. Will Samsung and Apple's next showdown be over who rules the road with industry-leading self-driving car technology? It certainly looks like it's shaping up that way.