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Samsung dual display design images surface

A DS-esque concept from Samsung
A DS-esque concept from Samsung

Design images purportedly from Samsung's brain trust have surfaced, indicating that the company may be considering a clamshell design tablet or ereader.

The dual-display drawings show a hinged book-style design, with one showing two sizeable screens (presumably these would be touchscreens) and the other showing two smaller facing screens with a QWERTY keypad stretching beneath them.

It's not clear exactly what device this would be; it could be a Samsung ereader in a nice book-like format, or perhaps even a clamshell tablet.

After all, if Sony can go off the beaten tablet path with its funny cylindrical Sony S2, why not Samsung?

You're booked

It could even be a smartphone or a gaming device, although we're not convinced that either of those would be a good idea.


Image credit: SammyHub

Hey, we're just spit-balling here; the likelihood is that it's none of the above, merely some prototype style drawings knocked up by a work experience kid.

Either way, it's fun to speculate so if you have any better ideas for what Samsung could be trying out, let us know in the comments below.

Via SammyHub