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Panasonic developing compact Lumix 3D camera

Panasonic developing compact Lumix 3D camera
Panasonic - big 3D focus

Panasonic has announced that it is developing a twin-lens compact digital 3D camera.

The Japanese electronics giant confirmed that it was developing a new Lumix offering for release in winter this year, although no UK release date has been set.

The new camera will be show off at IFA in Berlin, and will allow 3D pictures and 3D HD videos to be shot.

Folded optics

"The new camera's compact size was achieved by employing two newly developed 4x zoom lenses with thin, folded optics," explains Panasonic.

"The advantages of the twin-lens design are further utilised to snap stunning, full-pixel 2D photos while shooting 2D videos at the same time.

"The new camera captures 3D HD videos in the AVCHD format using the side-by-side method."

As you would expect, the 3D stills and footage can be shown off on Viera 3D televisions via the SD slot or cable.