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Samsung PIN pop-up retail stores begin to appear in London

Samsung PIN pop-up retail stores begin to appear in London
A Samsung PIN store may pop-up near you

While Samsung certainly mastered the glamorous Apple-esque launch event, when it debuted the Galaxy S3 this month, its attempt at 'one more thing' fell a little flat.

Whereas Steve Jobs' legendary final announcements included the iPod touch and MacBook AIr, Samsung got us all excited only to announce a host of new Mobile PIN retail outlets across London.

Once we all figured out what a Mobile PIN actually was - and to be honest, it wasn't immediately clear - we didn't quite feel compelled to indulge in some Jobsnote-style whooping and hollering.

Makeshift shops where we could buy the Samsung Galaxy S3? Cue polite applause.

Grievous letdown

Regardless of that grievous letdown, the pop-up shops, which will also stock a selection of flagship Samsung Mobile products, are appearing across London and will open on May 29, before the device goes on sale across the nation.

The wrapping has already been taken-off some of the glass structures, including the one pictured here in the massive Shepherd's Bush Westfield shopping centre

More stores will be announced as time goes on.