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Samsung Galaxy S2 hits 20m sales

Samsung Galaxy S2 hits 20m sales
Galaxy S2 - proving the old first the worst adage true

We might be all aflutter at the prospect of the Samsung Galaxy S3 but there's life in the Galaxy S2 yet as Samsung announces that it has sold 20 million of the handsets.

Having been on the market since April 2011, that's a very impressive 2 million devices exchanged for cash every month.

Want to hear that fact again in a slightly different way? The Galaxy S2 hit 10 million sales in September 2011, which means Samsung has shifted 10 million more in the five intervening months, equating to 2 million a month again. You can't fault the working.

To put it into Samsung-based perspective, the Galaxy S has sold 22 million to date, which you'll notice is just 2 million more than its successor.


That's all well and good, but if you nabbed an S2 back in April last year, you're probably itching for an upgrade.

Samsung has already said that there'll be no sign of the Samsung Galaxy S3 at MWC 2012, with the latest rumours pegging it for a March announcement followed by a possible July 2012 release date.

The best we can offer you until then is this rather lovely video of what we'd like to see in the currently mythical Galaxy flagship:

From Samsung Tomorrow via Engadget