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Government told not to invest in UK's broadband

At the speed of light
At the speed of light

A review into the roll out of fast broadband has suggested that improving the nation's infrastructure should not be funded by the government.

The government's review into broadband speeds comes to the conclusion that telecoms firms should wholly fund the projected multi-billion pound effort to pull the UK's internet into the 21st century by laying fibre optic cable.

"There is little evidence that in the short term the UK is going to suffer from the lack of an extensive next generation access network," said review author Francesco Caio.


This will come as a major blow to many companies that were hoping that they would be granted subsidies to overhaul the ageing copper wire network that will increasingly throttle the UK's internet usage.

BT has already pledged to invest £1.5 billion into changing things, but with an absolute minimum investment of over £5 billion necessary according to the Broadband Stakeholders Group, this leaves a major shortfall.

Indeed, that minimum investment would only improve the major arteries of Britain's infrastructure, with connections from the exchange to people's houses left as copper.