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Lenovo IdeaTab looking to take on Samsung Galaxy Note

enovo IdeaTab looking to take on Samsung Galaxy Note
Lenovo taking Note

Lenovo is looking to take on the likes of Samsung in the 5-inch device market, with the computing company set to release a very big phone/small tablet in the form of the Lenovo IdeaTab.

This is according to Engadget which has managed to get some spy pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note rival.

There's not too much to report on the specs of the device, but it is believed that the 5-incher will be dual-core, have a micro-USB port, HDMI out and a trio of capacitive buttons on the chassis.

Check out what we think of the Galaxy Note in our hands-on video.

Tab C Nesbitt

It is also reported that the 5.3-inch Lenovo IdeaTab will be packing either Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich.

TechRadar went to the first-ever CES London convention last week and the data analysts at the CEA predicted we will see a whole load more devices to rival the Galaxy Note enter the market.

In the TechRadar Samsung Galaxy Note review we gave the device a decent four stars, praising the premium build of the product but believing it won't create a new product category.

So, it seems it's TechRadar Vs CES in the prediction stakes.

Via Engadget