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World's fastest broadband used to dry laundry

Is this how you'd use the world's fastest broadband connection?

The 75-year-old Swedish woman with the world's fastest broadband connection apparently uses it to do her laundry – or so her son has revealed.

Internet hardware whiz Peter Lothberg installed a 40GB/s line to his mother's home last year, to prove that he could send a high-speed broadband signal over 2,000km with no data loss. Now Lothberg has revealed that his mother, Sigbritt, used the heat generated by the equipment installed in her home to dry her laundry. She also held high-def interactive web conferences about knitting.

However Lothberg also told The Local that his mother no longer has the 40GB/s connection, as he has moved the equipment even further away in order to test his distance theory.

Sigbritt will soon regain her 'world's fastest' crown though – Lothberg plans to install a 100GB/s connection at her home later this year.

[via Gizmodo]