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Wi-Fi internet usage doubles in 2008

BT's Openzone has contributed to the WiFi rise
BT's Openzone has contributed to the WiFi rise

2008 was the year that consumers finally decided to finally ditch the cable, with Wi-Fi usage doubling in the year.

The figure comes from a report made by BT and is based on its BT Openzone and BT FON users.

BT also found that September was the busiest web month for the company, with browsers hitting around a million minutes a day.

Hitting 10 million

In fact, on one September day BT's wireless network was clocking in around 10 million minutes.

We did a quick (non scientific) check and found no celebrity sex tapes were released that month, so it is not known what caused the surge.

The news that Wi-Fi usage is flying comes after news in September that BT is no longer a partner in The Cloud – the European Wi-Fi hotspot provider. With this in mind, it will be next year's figures that are more pertinent.