Philips HR3752/01 blender review

A simply stylish buy for high-speed vacuum blending

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TechRadar Verdict

A reasonably priced vacuum blender with easy to maintain parts, designed to create fresh-tasting smoothies in an instant.


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    Sturdy body

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    StayFresh’ vacuum technology

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    Tritan jug


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    Pre-set icons not marked with text

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    Basic functions

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Be it in a household or commercial setting, there’s no doubt you will have used a Philips device at some point. 

The well-established brand sells a vast array of products across the beauty, home, lighting and babycare sector and its small appliance kitchen repertoire includes a selection of air fryers, juicers, kettles and blenders, including its latest design - the Philips HR3752/01 blender. We recently gave it a spin to figure out if it's worthy of a space in our round-up of the best blenders, keep reading to see how it fared.

Price and availability

A reasonable price for a solid design with useful features, the Philips HR3752/01 high-speed vacuum blender normally retails for £260, but it can regularly be found much cheaper, closer to £169.99 / $199 / AUS $219 over on the website, and for £134.49 / $165 / AUS $267 over on Amazon.

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We found that the control dial isn’t as easy to decipher as the majority of blenders we have tested and you’ll need to consult the manual to find out which pre-set button does what. Once you’ve learned its quirks however, it’s quite easy to control, with four pre-set buttons for vacuum blending preparation, vacuum blending and processing ingredients, pulsing and ice crushing. The dial – which lights up - can be easily revved up and down so you can tailor the mix to your hearts desire too

With a 1400-watt motor and speeds of up to 35,000 rpm, the Philips HR3752/01 high-speed vacuum blender creates fast and velvety smooth results. It comes with a Tritan jug that locks easily into place and does not smell or stain easily after use. The jug also feels lightweight compared to bulkier glass designs.

We were pleasantly surprised to find an instruction booklet in the box, which comes packed with inspirational recipes for smoothies and cocktails – some rather unusual such as the ‘Apricot, Passion fruit, Corn and Mint’ smoothie and the ‘Mango, Pineapple with Banana and Lemon’ drink.

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Vacuum blending here takes the air out of the jug and reduces the oxidation of ingredients during use. This aims to reduce the amount of bubbles and foam on the top of your smoothie, so it tastes fresh and lasts longer in the fridge.

When we used it to make a Banana, Avocado and Spinach smoothie the results were super smooth and much of the spinach had blended into the mixture within 30 sections. We couldn’t really tell that much difference in texture from the other blenders we’ve trialled however, and the promise that it will last longer in your fridge and give you a more nutrient-dense based drink compared to non-vacuum blenders is something we’ll have to take Philips’ word for on this occasion.

While you can place hot liquids in the blender, they mustn’t be hotter than 40 degrees, but this can sometimes be difficult to gage. So we think it’s best to wait until a soup has cooled down after cooking before you go about blitzing. 

Noise levels ramped up to 100 decibels during blending, which we found to be average and not particularly quiet, but not unbearably loud. We particularly liked the ice crushing preset button, which pulsed intermittently for around 50 seconds and created a good amount of ‘snow’ – ideal for a happy hour cocktail.

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If you’re looking for a blender with an ergonomic design that creates fresh vacuum smoothies and crisp ‘snow’ in under a minute, the Philips HR3752/01 blender is worth a try.

It's reasonably priced – especially after finding it on one it's regular deal offerings, and it's jug is sturdy and easy to keep clean. While we've tested better blenders, the price to performance ratio here hits a happy balance.

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