Family Tree Heritage 7 review

Build and share your family tree with ease

This software allows you to print out your family tree or share it online

TechRadar Verdict

Still one of the best software suites of its kind on the market


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    User friendly

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    Simple interface

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    Plenty of features and tools


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    Few updates from older incarnations

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Genealogy software has grown in popularity of late, largely due to easier access to family data online.

Now in its seventh generation, Family Tree Heritage 7 is one of the older suites on the market, but the developers haven't been tempted to update it too much, still offering a simple interface from which you can plot your family tree.

Building your family tree

The main page is easy to scan, as it is simply a family tree that allows you to enter names and details directly on to the page. It may look simple, but it hides a number of interesting features.

For instance, you can click on any name and it will take you through to another page with the details and information you've gathered on this person. You can attach images and multimedia files to give real depth to entries.

The program allows you access to over 1 billion records online, but as this was originally an American program, this may be of less relevance to UK users. This feeling is also continued with the inclusion of a world map supplied by MapQuest, which allows you to plot where your ancestors originally came from.

Online sharing

Once you've created your family tree, there is any number of ways to print and share it. The most obvious is in a linear fashion, which can also have photos and other facts attached. Multimedia aspects are now better supported, as you'll be able to turn the information you've created either into a DVD or even a family website.

However, what really makes this program work is the addition of online sharing tools. This is the first genealogy tool that allows you to share access to the main program itself with other people over the internet, making it a truly collaborative effort.

In this age of polished multimedia applications, Family Tree Heritage 7 may come across as stripped bare of features, but this simply isn't the case, as we found it a fully featured piece of software that worked well.

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