Mesh Elite Game Changer 980 review

It isn't quite a game changer, in fact…

Mesh Elite Game Changer 980
Mesh Elite Game Changer 980

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We liked

This is a nicely specified machine with some considerable grunt in the processor and graphics department. It's also a smart looking rig, with a tasty keyboard and mouse bundled.

We disliked

There are some niggles with the case and quality of the other peripherals provided, particularly the terrible speakers. The Game Changer is also a noisy beast, and it's disappointing that Mesh hasn't included some juicier overclocking options with this machine.

Final verdict

Of course, Mesh offers a wide range of systems. Its Elite Dominator Pro offers a very similar spec at the same price but is based on the Corsair Graphite 760T Gaming case, which we prefer the sound of, and suspect might help with the noise levels. So, we're not saying don't buy Mesh, but this particular configuration is strangely unsatisfying.

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