AMD Phenom II X6 1090T review

AMD goes six core - should the Intel Core i7 be worried?

Thuban die shot
The obligatory die shot complete with coloured effects. Its proof we have six cores anyway, each with its block of 512KB cache, on the right we have the 6MB L3 cache

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Encoding performance

X264 v2

1090T 28
1090T overclocked 32
i7 920 27
i7 920 overclocked 39

X264 v3

1090T 29.2
1090T overclocked 34.3

Rendering performance

Cinebench R10

1090T 48
1090T overclocked 40
i7 920 55
i7 920 overclocked 37

Cinebench R11

1090T 5.55
1090T overclocked 6.88

Gaming performance

World in Combat

1090T 151
1090T overclocked 169
i7 920 227
i7 920 overclocked 334


1090T 69
1090T overclocked 71
i7 920 80
i7 920 overclocked 100