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While the Insta360 Link is one of the most expensive webcams currently on the market, the AI-controlled technology and build quality are excellent and well-implemented. And it sports true 4K image quality, which very few webcams feature, along with three mounts for a variety of positioning options.


  • +

    4K, 1080p resolutions and 60FPS options

  • +

    AI features are well implemented

  • +

    Plenty of included accessories


  • -

    Very expensive

  • -

    Learning curve with gesture-controlled modes

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Insta360 Link: One minute review

The Insta360 Link is the latest in the Insta line of high-quality cameras. Priced at $300 (£319 / AU$569), this is an absolutely premium webcam, far higher than the average market price. But it is worth every penny considering all the features it comes with. As a bonus both the webcam and all its accessories are available in plenty of regions outside the US, including the UK and Australia.

Its biggest selling point is its AI-powered features, which means no buttons are required to operate it. Once you connect it to the USB port of your laptop or PC, you can mount it in three ways as it automatically powers on. The light's color on the webcam's body signifies the mode it’s in. Green means it’s on and ready while blue indicates successfully switched modes.

The AI is quite precise when a video camera is activated, as it automatically swivels the head of the webcam around to adjust the view and center you in the image. And instead of buttons, the Insta360 registers hand gestures to switch modes, like whiteboard mode and tracking, which works pretty well despite some slight wonkiness at the start as you slowly adjust to the control method.

4K quality is the other big selling point and it’s absolutely gorgeous, running at an impressive 30 FPS at that resolution or a butter smooth 60 FPS if you’re willing to bump it down to a still FHD 1080p. Compared to whatever low-quality built-in webcam you’re using on your laptop, this beats it out by leagues. We guarantee you’ve never looked as good as you do through the Insta360 Link, making it the best business webcam around. After using this baby, we don’t know how we could ever go back to a 720p blurry cam (read: we can’t).

Build quality is excellent with a sleek and efficient black design, though it’s naturally a little more delicate than the average webcam due to its AI nature. But it’s well assembled and doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in the slightest. The accessories including a portable tripod and overhead stand, are similarly well-built and yet portable. We especially love the small tripod, which takes up so little space.

The Insta360 Link, ultimately, is a very unique webcam, though it is also one of the best webcams you'll ever use. It’s extremely expensive even among high-end devices due to the AI-controlled technology built into it. As such, it’s difficult to compare it to most other webcams, though the Razer Kiyo Pro and Elgato Facecam would most likely come the closest in terms of quality and price. 

Insta360 Link: Price and availability

An Insta360 Link on a table without a tripod

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  • Expensive but worth the price
  • Widely available

The Insta360 Link is available now at $300 (£319 / AU$569) and is available in a wide variety of markets including the US, UK, and Australia. The various accessories that also pair with the webcam are available in the same markets as well.

As for the price, it’s much more expensive than most other webcams in the market, even the premium ones. However, considering how much tech went into it, the cost is more understandable. You’re not only paying for the webcam itself but for the AI-controlled interface which most webcams simply don’t have.

  • Value: 5 / 5 

Insta360 Link: Design

An Insta360 Link on a table with a tripod

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  • Sleek and small frame
  • Very cute
  • Accessories are well-designed
Insta360 Link Key Specs

Here are the specs for the Insta360 Link we recieved for review:

Video resolutions: 4K@24/25/30fps, or 1080p@24/25/30/50/60fps
ISO: 100 - 3200
Shutter Speed: 1/8,000 - 1/30s
Apeture: F1.8
35mm Equivalent focus length: 26mm
Fixed FOV: DFOV 79.5°, HFOV 67°
Modes: Portrait, widescreen, DeskView, and overhead.
HDR: Supported for 1080p @ 30
Dimension: 2.71 x 1.61 x 1.77 ins | 69 x 41 x 45mm
Platforms: Windows 8 or later, MacOS 10.10 or later

What’s striking about the Insta360 Link’s design, other than its sleek black look and uniquely shaped lens head, is the fact that said lens head swivels around. The reason for this design choice becomes apparent as soon as you power it on and initiate a video call, as you watch it come to life and adjust itself to focus on you.

Whether or not this was intentional, its movements are equal parts smooth and charming, stirring an odd but not unwelcome sense of affection for it, as if it was an adorable robot waking itself up to be your camera for the day. It evokes a sense of care as well, as we found ourselves handling it much gentler than a normal webcam.

The accessories that come with it are also sturdy and well-designed, a happy marriage of portability and sturdiness. We particularly liked the tripod, as it’s refreshing to have one that can actually fit in your pocket. The overhead stand is quite handy as well, useful for top-down shots. The USB cable is also handy, as it’s a Type-C naturally and comes with a handy Type-A adapter.

  • Design: 5 / 5

Insta360 Link: Features

An Insta360 Link on a table without its tripod

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  • Tons of AI-controlled modes
  • Great software support and accessories
  • Good range of mounts

The Insta360 Link is an AI-controlled webcam, so gestures aimed at its lens replace any buttons that more traditional webcams use. Depending on which gestures you perform, it activates a different mode which includes zoom-in, tracking, and a special whiteboard mode that allows you to better focus the webcam on one during a video call. It also auto-adjusts its own lens head to keep you in the frame at all times, which is incredible to watch.

These modes are robust and incredibly helpful for all kinds of business tasks that both remote and in-office workers may need. For the whiteboard mode, there are even special little stickers you place on each corner, which helps the webcam focus for a clearer picture. And firmware updates give you even more control over the device.

The tripod and overhead stand also give you more options for displaying video, instead of the monitor mount that many other webcams offer. And because they’re so portable, you can actually pick them up and travel with them anywhere. We also appreciate the USB link cable that comes out of the box, as well as the recognition markers that can be placed on whiteboards for better viewing during video meetings.

  • Features: 5 / 5

Insta360 Link: Performance

An Insta360 Link atop a monitor

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  • AI controls are quite good
  • 4K image quality is gorgeous

Not including the AI controls, the Insta360 Link is an excellent 4K webcam capable of maintaining a solid 30 FPS. And if you prefer framerate over resolution, turning the resolution down to 1080p will net you an incredibly smooth 60 FPS. There’s even a 720p mode, and while it’s nice the option was included it’s completely unnecessary.

The webcam’s AI controls are truly impressive, with the lens head in particular moving with a level of precision I didn’t think possible. Mode switching using hand gestures is ingenious and for the most part, works pretty well. Of course, with any AI technology, there will always be growing pains but once you get accustomed to them it’s easy to use.

It connects instantly to any laptop or PC you hook it up to, and after a ten-second period of inactivity the lens head activates privacy mode and dips down to obscure the camera automatically. It’s a simple yet thoughtful feature that prevents any impromptu footage from being released to your video chat meeting. Also, it makes the webcam seem like it’s looking down in modesty which is adorable.

  • Performance: 5 / 5

Should you buy an Insta360 Link?

An Insta360 Link

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if...

You want a 4K webcam
The 4K mode is absolutely gorgeous, guaranteed to make you look your best during video conferences with crystal clear picture quality and a stable framerate.

You want a no-button/fully automated webcam
The fact that there’s no need to fiddle around with buttons to toggle between settings is so refreshing. The gesture system is simple yet clever and the automatic lens head movement is excellent.

You need multiple mounting options
There are three ways to mount this webcam: clip it to your monitor, use the portable tripod, or use the overhead stand. And each method works incredibly well.

Don't buy if...

You need a budget webcam
This is not a cheap webcam by any means, with a steep price tag of $300. Though you get premium quality in return if you’re on a budget find one of the best cheap webcams instead.

You don’t want AI tracking
If you’re not a fan of the AI tracking system, this is a webcam to avoid as the device functions entirely on AI-control with no button options.

Also consider


Elgato Facecam
This is a great webcam for streamers, as it features full HD picture quality with excellent supporting software that turns your own phone into a streaming camera. However, there’s no autofocus or microphone.

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Logitech StreamCam
This webcam is also made for streaming, with butter smooth and speedy 60 FPS. You can also rotate it vertically but unfortunately, there’s no USB-C charging option and it lacks variable FOV.

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Razer Kiyo Pro
This is bar none one of the best webcams out there, especially for streaming. There are three adjustable FOVs, heavenly smooth 60 FPS recording, HDR capabilities, and ultra-sensitive light sensors. 

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Insta360 Link: Report Card

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ValueWhile the Insta360 Link is ridiculously expensive, the price is more than worth it with all its bells and whistles. The webcam and its accessories are also widely available in a variety of regions.5 / 5
DesignThe design is simple but excludes class and luxury. It seems frail but it’s a well-built webcam, and it’s also charming in its looks.5 / 5
FeaturesWith various AI modes, an automatic correction feature, 4K resolution, and three mounts, there are plenty of features that come with this webcam.5 / 5
PerformanceAll of these features work surprisingly well, even if the gesture mode switching mechanic takes a bit of time to adjust to.5 / 5
Total (Average)Sometimes a premium webcam just comes along and ticks all the boxes, even the ones we didn't realize were there. This is that webcam, no notes.5 / 5
  • First reviewed September 2022

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